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There’s snow avoiding the flu

  • 11/27/2019 9:56 am ET Molly Taft
There's snow avoiding the flu

Source: Pixabay

Climate change may actually intensify some of winter’s worst impacts in the US despite shortening and warming the season overall, stories reported by the Washington Post and Nexus Media News show.

The Post examines the top 10 snowfalls on record in five major East Coast cities, finding that at least half of these major storms have occurred since 1990 in all cities surveyed.

“Instead of expecting a winter full of small snow events to keep things looking wintry, it’s possible that we’ve already entered a climate characterized more by a feast-or-famine scenario, in which a major snowstorm or two accounts for the bulk of our seasonal snowfall,” journalist Andrew Freedman explains.

Meanwhile, Nexus Media News reports on how some scientists say that the full-year flu seasons in tropical countries suggest that more mild winters could actually extend the flu season in colder countries. In addition, warmer weather could give the virus more time to mutate and become stronger.

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