Avid DrudgeTrump furious right-wing site truth Ukraine and impeachment

‘Avid Drudge reader’ Trump is furious with right-wing site for truth-telling on Ukraine scandal and impeachment

  • 11/24/2019 11:06 am ET Mackenzie Zlatos and Joe Romm

‘What’s going on with Drudge?’ Trump blasts conservative site‘What’s going on with Drudge?’ Trump blasts conservative site‘What’s going on with Drudge?’ Trump blasts conservative site

President Trump privately ordered White House official Jared Kushner, his daughter Ivanka’s husband, to investigate the right wing media site The Drudge Report.

Trump has asked those close to him why the site has been “so anti-Trump” lately, reports The Daily Beast citing an unnamed source who overheard his remarks. The story notes, “the president remains an avid Drudge reader.”

While Drudge hasn’t announced that he is pro-impeachment, he has run headlines in recent weeks like “FOX SHOCK: 51% WANT TRUMP REMOVED.” One recent headline called Trump’s recent behavior “criminal and impeachable”.

On Thursday morning, Drudge was running a huge banner headline, “FOX SHOCK: 51% WANT TRUMP REMOVED,”

Yet while Drudge’s headlines on impeachment and the Ukraine bribery scandal have been unusually truthful, it remains a reliable promoter of right wing misinformation. Indeed, it’s long been known for mocking climate change, as we’ve reported.

“Matt Drudge, the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, has a history of seeking to undermine climate change,” explained the Washington Examiner in a July story about the launch of this very website, FrontPageLive.com, which is designed to be, in part, an antidote to Drudge.

“The Drudge Report treats climate change in a mocking and skeptical fashion,” the Examiner added.

Previously, the site posted the top headlines that had meaning for the Trump world. But now in the impeachment cycle, top headlines have been focusing on gaffes made by the president.

“What’s going on with Drudge?” Trump has asked several of his high-ranking advisors. People and news outlets that have been seen as pro-Trump received backlash from the president for covering the impeachment inquiry. He slammed Fox News on Twitter again and again for hosting pro-impeachment voices.

“@FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore. It is so different than it used to be,” he complained on Twitter in October. But given the nature of the Drudge Report, Trump refuses to publicly blast the site and its reclusive creator, Matt Drudge. Instead, Kushner is supposed to “look into it.”

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