Pompeo knew! WH set up 'repeated contact' Rudy on Ukraine

Pompeo knew! WH set up ‘repeated contact’ between Rudy and Sec State on Ukraine, records reveal

  • 11/23/2019 1:34 pm ET Mackenzie Zlatos

Sondland was right: Giuliani and Pompeo spoke about UkrainePompeo and Giuliani

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in March about the plan to pressure Ukraine into investigating high-ranking Democrats.

A new record released by the State Department shows “a clear paper trail,” according to Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight.

A hundred pages of documents were released to the non-partisan watchdog group American Oversight as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. The White House arranged the phone call between Pompeo and Giuliani the day after the lawyer handed over a packet of claims made about Hunter Biden. Previously, Pompeo had attempted to disown any involvement he may have had with Giuliani’s actions related to the Bidens.

Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland testified on Wednesday, Nov. 20 that “everyone was in the loop” when it came to Ukraine. Giuliani claimed that he had given Pompeo complaints about former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on March 28. Yovanovitch was fired soon afterward.

Whether or not Pompeo fired Yovanovitch because Giuliani complained to him is unclear. But these phone calls were long. One of them was scheduled for twenty minutes.

According to Vox, “These March conversations seem to have paved the way to a key role for Giuliani in official US-Ukraine policy.” Pompeo began to pull away from Giuliani’s decisions soon after these phone calls.

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