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Hilarious, bad Yelp reviews soar for Trump pal Sondland’s hotels in wake of Ukraine fiasco

  • 11/20/2019 9:23 am ET Sunny Hundal

Hilarious, bad Yelp reviews soar for Trump pal Sondland's hotels in wake of Ukraine fiasco

Hotelier Gordon Sondland donated $1 million to President Trump’s inauguration campaign and soon became his ambassador to the European Union.

That may not help his hotel business.

“If you’re looking for a hotel owned by a Trump supporter who gave the campaign a million dollars in exchange for an ambassadorship that he’s unqualified for so he can extort foreign leaders into attacking fellow Americans, look no further. BONUS: plush bath robes and white hoods available in each room.”

That was a review left by Zee L., a Yelp user from West Hollywood, CA, on Mr Sondland’s The Revolution Hotel in Boston.

It turns out that similar reviews are being left by users all over Yelp for Trump’s acolyte, according to the Daily Beast.

Mr. Sondland was the founder and former chair of Provenance Hotels, which owns and manages 14 boutique hotels across the U.S.

But as the impeachment inquiry has come to the fore, and Mr. Sondland’s role in it has come into the spotlight, his hotels are getting a bad rap.

“Booked a rez and then discovered Dossier is owned by Gordon Sondland, a MAJOR TRUMP DONOR. Cancel!”

– another the user wrote on the page of the Dossier Hotel in Portland.

“I used to be an infrequent customer here but I’m appalled to learn that the owner, Gordon Sondland … was heavily involved in the Trump Ukraine scandal. I won’t be patronizing this business anymore, nor the others that he owns.”

That was written by Karin W. of Portland on The Heathman Hotel’s Yelp page.

Some are even facing protests.

Mr. Sondland is testifying in the impeachment inquiry Wednesday morning.

Provenance Hotels did not provide a comment.

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