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GOP ‘attack dog’ Jim Jordan gets pulled back into Ohio State sexual abuse scandal

  • 11/20/2019 4:19 pm ET Sunny Hundal
Jim Jordan with his mouth hanging open

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)—a former wrestler and wrestling coach—is a political brawler.

He has gone into “attack dog mode” at the impeachment hearings, as one expert told The Guardian. The paper noted, he loves to “relish the spotlight and play to the cameras.”

But while he is pursuing the impeachment spotlight, he is still trying to dodge the spotlight in the Ohio State University sexual abuse scandal.

On Tuesday, outside the impeachment inquiry hearing, a mobile billboard truck began circling the Capitol Hill building, calling for a congressional investigation into that scandal, which continues to dog Jordan back home.

The billboard message said:

“Ohio State officials knew about Richard Strauss for nearly two decades.”

“20 years later, sexual abuse still is unreported. This isn’t just a Strauss problem, this is a problem at The Ohio State University. Congress, it’s time to investigate.”

The truck was hired by the Ohio State Accountability Project and says the University failed to stop staff physician Dr. Richard Strauss from sexually assaulting hundreds of athletes and students when Rep. Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at the school.

The scandal shows no sign of going away, and indeed first-hand witnesses continue to name Jordan as someone who knew what was happening but did nothing.

In fact, earlier this month a “professional referee” became “the second person to say he told Jordan directly about either being approached or molested by Strauss, who was found by independent investigators to have sexually abused 177 male students over two decades,” as NBC reported.

The referee said in a new lawsuit that “Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University, and that he reported the encounter directly to” both Jordan and then-head coach Russ Hellickson. He asserts that they both shrugged it off, telling him, “Yeah, that’s Strauss” and “Yeah, yeah, we know.”

The referee told NBC, “I wish Jim, and Russ, too, would stand up and do the right thing and admit they knew what Strauss was doing, because everybody knew what he was doing to the wrestlers.”

NBC reports that Jordan “has repeatedly denied knowing anything about what Strauss did to the wrestlers he helped coach from 1986 to 1994” but in this case “Jordan’s spokesman, Ian Fury, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

Jordan also repeatedly denies Trump knew anything about any illegal activity in the Ukraine bribery scandal, but he prefers to do that as loudly as possible in front of a lot of cameras….

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