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Warren blasts ‘powerful men who want us to be quiet’

‘Powerful men want us to be quiet,’ says Warren

“I am angry and I own it,” she wrote. “Over and over, we are told that women are not allowed to be angry. It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet.”

Democratic candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) penned a fundraiser email that clapped back at former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday.

This was a direct response to Biden who criticized Warren for being too “angry.” In a Medium post, Biden criticized her position on Medicare for All, without referencing her directly. He said that her policies “reflect an angry unyielding viewpoint that has crept into our politics.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, another Democratic candidate for president, also criticized Warren. In Iowa, according to CNN, he said, “If we get so absorbed in the fighting that it is as though fighting were the purpose, that’s where I think we really get in trouble. If you win the fight, then what?”

Biden has tried to deny that his Medium post went after the Massachusetts senator for being angry. He told CNN that “the strong women in my life are angry.”

She’s not only taking heat for her tone, but billionaires have also criticized Warren recently for her plans to tax them. Leon Cooperman praised fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg and said, “He’s not a hater” in comparison to her.

Warren tweeted, “The wealthy and well-connected will always have each other’s backs. We’re building a movement to change that. We’re building a movement for big, structural change.” In August, Bloomberg spoke to a crowd and addressed Warren. He said, “Let me just remind you if my company hadn’t been successful, we wouldn’t be here today, so enough with this stuff.”

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