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Trumpers claim Kentucky loss had nothing to do with President even after he stumped for him

11/06/2019 6:06 am ET Sunny Hundal
Trumpers claim Kentucky loss had nothing to do with President even after he stumped for him

Screenshot / WKYT News

After a historic loss in Kentucky last night, where a Democrat beat Republican incumbent for the Governor race, the Trump campaign went straight into denial mode.

On Fox News last night Trump Jr claimed the loss had little to do with his father, even though the President had repeatedly campaigned strongly for the Republican loser.

“Yes, I like Matt Bevin, he’s been a friend of mine, he’s a good guy, but he has picked a lot of battles and he’s teed off on a lot of people in Kentucky, that’s not always popular, we understand how that works.”

“This has nothing to do with Trump. They swept the rest of the ticket, did great in Mississippi, et cetera, et cetera.”

Laura Ingraham defended the President too:

“If Trump hadn’t come into town, I can tell you what would have happened. This race would probably have been a ten-point race for the Democrats.”

Not so fast

But the results don’t exactly bear this out.

Bevin lost even as other Republicans did well in other statewide races in Kentucky. President Trump’s call for Republicans to vote for Bevin was ignored. In fact, anti-Trump protestors lined the streets outside his rally with “Lock Him Up” and “Dump Trump” signs. The 20-ft tall baby Trump balloon even made an appearance.

In his round of interviews, Trump Jr also did not mention Virginia, where Republicans were handily defeated across the state.

Moreover, Trump’s involvement in the race boosted turnout against Republicans. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported a voter turnout of more than 41 percent, well above the 31 percent predicted last week.

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