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Googlers Demand Company Do Better On Climate

11/05/2019 11:18 am ET Molly Taft
Is Google pushing climate denial?

Source: Pixabay

More than 1,000 Google employees sent an open letter to the company Monday demanding that it cut its greenhouse gas emissions and stop funding climate denial organizations.

The letter, organized by Google Workers For Action on Climate, calls for the company to reach zero emissions by 2030 and cut all business relationships with fossil fuel extraction companies, and references recent Amazon and Microsoft movements making similar demands within their companies.


The company has made big strides in the past including becoming carbon neutral back in 2007. (Amazon’s goal for becoming carbon neutral is in 2040.) However, those efforts seemed to have stalled in recent years.

Google is still running on fossil fuels. In 2018, the company was responsible for 4.9 metric tons in greenhouse gases that is roughly the same as a million cars driving around for an entire year. Some researchers estimate that nearly 40% of the globe’s carbon footprint comes from Google’s feet.

While the company may not be very concerned about its effect on the environment, its employees clearly are: “As Google workers, we are committed to putting our users first, and Google must do the same.”

The company came under fire last month after reports on its continued contributions to organizations funding climate denial.

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