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Trump hints he’ll shut down government to shut down Impeachment

11/04/2019 1:10 pm ET Dara Brewton

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The clock is ticking. A government shutdown is looming and could happen before Thanksgiving if the Impeachment inquiry is not dropped.

Trump told reporters on the White House lawn that he couldn’t rule out a shutdown:

This particular threat is not an idle one. In order for the government to stay open, a spending bill needs to pass and signed by November 21st in order to avoid a shutdown starting on the 22nd.

It is a threat that some are calling another “quid pro quo.”

Government shutdown is a tactic he has used in the past. In December of 2018, he initiated a partial shutdown that lasted 35 days—the longest in U.S. history—in order to get more funding for his vanity wall. It put the livelihood of 800,000 federal contractors in jeopardy, some have still not seen any backpay.

Trump heavily criticized former President Obama for a government shutdown in 2013:

Yet, he is ready once again to lead the country into another shutdown because things aren’t going his way.

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