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‘Render to God and Trump’: Evangelical leader calls for Christians to be obedient to Trump in 2020

10/09/2019 2:11 pm ET Dara Brewton
'Render to God and Trump': Evangelical preacher calls for Christians to be obedient to Trump in 2020

Twitter / @SaintDonaldTrump

Ralph Reed, one of Trump’s “Christian” supporters, has a new book coming out soon that urges evangelicals to “enthusiastically back” Trump. In fact, it calls it their “moral obligation.”

According to Politico, the original title for the book was “Render to God and Trump.”

It is a reference to the Matthew 22 verse “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” This message is commonly used as a way to inspire obedience to the government. The published title for the book will be “For God and Country: The Christian case for Trump.”

Reed is the founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, and he has been a loyal Trumper since Trump snagged the Republican nomination. He is also part of the administration’s religious advisory board.

His new book argues the duty evangelicals have to defend Trump against “the stridently anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and pro-abortion agenda of the progressive left.”

Putting Trump upon a religious pedestal is common practice among Reed and his contemporaries like Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, and Jerry Falwell Jr.

This is despite the fact that Trump is a overtly irreligious man known for routinely violating many of the 10 Commandments — and who said the Neo-Nazis shouting anti-Semitic chance in Charlottesville Virginia were “good people.”

Paula White, Trump’s spiritual advisor has claimed the President is “doing God’s work” due to all “that President Trump has done for people of faith since taking office.” The work that these evangelicals want from the Trump administration includes getting rid of Roe vs Wade and pushing “religious freedom.”

Unfortunately, it isn’t just all a lot of hot air. The evangelicals are putting in the work as well. On a podcast, Reed detailed their plan, “Our plan in 2020 is to have 500 paid staff and about 5,000 volunteers. Some of these folks are knocking on doors eight hours a day.”

They think they are waging a “spiritual war” and are prepared to fight. The left will need to be equally aggressive in their own voting pushes if they wish to compete.

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