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Why Republicans don’t want you to notice the 2019 state elections

Why Republicans don't want you to notice the 2019 state elections


Off-year elections never get much attention, and Republicans are hoping 2019 is the same. But this year’s state elections will have a huge impact on who controls the U.S. Congress for the next decade.

After the 2020 Census is conducted, in most states it’s the statehouses that will draw the borders of congressional districts. So whichever political party controls the statehouse, controls that state’s redistricting process for the next midterm elections (2022). This basically sets up who controls Congress for the next 10 years (until a new Census and a new congressional map).

Right now, Republicans control 61 of 99 legislatures across the country. Democrats control 37. Seven legislative chambers (in four states) are holding elections this November. Six of them are currently in Republican hands.

On November 5, 2019:

Mississippi’s State Senate and its House are on the ballot.
Virginia’s entire General Assembly is on the ballot.
In New Jersey, only the State House is having elections.

On November 16, 2019:

Both Louisiana’s State Senate and House are having elections.
Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky are also having gubernatorial races.

Democrats are scrambling to get voters to the polls to combat gerrymandering and make sure fair maps are drawn. Many are sending postcards to voters in other states. Republicans are afraid their party’s been focusing too much on the presidential race.

This tweet is from a Georgia voter to a Louisiana voter:

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