Rachel Maddow's must-see takedown of 'Moscow Mitch' and his Russian pals - Front Page Live


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Rachel Maddow’s must-see takedown of ‘Moscow Mitch’ and his Russian pals

08/16/2019 8:52 am ET Sunny Hundal

Lets Ditch Putin's #MoscowMitch.

Last night on her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow made a striking point.

For all the focus on Trump’s connection with Russia and his cosyness with Putin – it was Mitch McConnell who was really in Russia’s pocket she said.

As she pointed out, there have been “actual bipartisan efforts” to protect the country from Russia, but the Senate Majority Leader had been working hard to block those efforts.

“The short story here about Mitch McConnell is that he, more than anybody else in Washington, has blocked U.S. efforts to constrain or respond to Russia’s recent attacks. That’s why they’re calling him Moscow Mitch now.

But in this particular instance, his state, an economically disadvantaged part of his state, got a $200 million investment from a Kremlin-connected oligarch immediately after McConnell personally stepped in to make sure sanctions on that oligarch were dropped, despite his role in what happened to our election in 2016 and despite bipartisan support even from his own party for those sanctions.”

“But don’t just look back at this. Look forward. Right? I mean, the FBI says Russia’s going to do to our election in 2020 what they did to it in 2016. No reason to expect 2020 is going to be any different.”

It is easy to focus on the chaos that Trump produces on a near daily basis. But even with all of his erratic behavior, Mitch McConnell may be a bigger threat to U.S. democracy.

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