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Taco John’s tiff over “Taco Tuesday” trademark heats up

08/15/2019 3:07 pm ET
Taco John’s tiff over “Taco Tuesday” trademark heats up

Photo: Taco John’s

Taco John’s is now in a heated tiff over their “Taco Tuesday” trademark, and social media is hotly taking sides.

They recently sent a cease-and-desist order to the local Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company, who used the term to advertise a taco truck that parks on Tuesdays outside their brewery.

The fast-food restaurant trademarked “Taco Tuesday” in 1989, due to one of their franchises using “Taco Twosday” for a 2-for-99-cent taco deal in the early 1980s. That trademark applies in every state except New Jersey.

Taco John’s, now celebrating its 50th year, isn’t the only company that has drawn fire for defending their trademark against a small business.

Starbucks went after a Texas bar owner for a “Star Bock” beer. Gerber has gone after mom-and-pop crafters who sell “onesie” infant outfits.

Problem is, “Taco Tuesday” suffers from “genericide,” says Seattle-based attorney Michael Atkins. It’s become too well-known to be identified with one company, like raisin bran, escalator, and nylon.

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