'Ecological grief' grips Greenland as climate change ruins way of life - Front Page Live


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‘Ecological grief’ grips Greenland as climate change ruins way of life

08/15/2019 3:58 pm ET
ecological grief

Photo: Tasiilaq, Greenland/Barni1/Pixabay

Climate change is causing widespread grief and anxiety in Greenland as residents grapple with the monumental shifts warming is having on their way of life.

A survey released this week shows that 90 percent of Greenlanders accept the mainstream science on climate change, while 76 percent say that climate change has impacted their daily lives.

Sea ice, which 80 percent of residents said they had noticed changes to, serves as “an umbilical cord to friends and family in remote rural settlements” for Greenlanders, survey lead author Kelton Minor told The Guardian. “When it fails to freeze in winter it’s an obstacle to the community, to society in many ways.”

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