Tuvalu’s children sing “Save Tuvalu, save the world" - Front Page Live


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Tuvalu’s children sing “Save Tuvalu, save the world” to welcome Pacific country leaders

08/13/2019 3:10 pm ET
Tuvalu children

Photo: Pacific Islands Forum

Pacific country leaders have been receiving an unusual welcome as they arrive in host-country Tuvalu for the Pacific Islands Forum starting Tuesday.

Tuvalu’s children sit half submerged in a moat that rings the model of their island, singing a poignant anthem: “Save Tuvalu, save the world.”

The island, tagged by the UN as a least-developed country, has no safe water and is increasingly vulnerable to rising sea levels.

The Pacific Islands Forum will bring a dozen world leaders, 600 others, and significant housing, food, and water challenges to the island of 11,000 residents.

But the prime minister, Enele Sopoaga, says the people view the forum as an “opportunity to showcase their resilience” and “protect and save their island.”

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