Trump screws over endangered species - Front Page Live


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Trump screws over endangered species

08/13/2019 3:16 pm ET
endangered species

Photo: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

The Trump administration moved to officially relax several key portions of the Endangered Species Act on Monday, ensuring weakened future protections for species endangered by climate change.

Among the changes to the 45-year-old act is the ability for federal officials to attach a cost estimate to potential protections, allowing for the department secretaries considering a new listing to factor in impacts to industries, like territory lost from logging when protecting a species.

The rules will also make it more difficult to incorporate the impacts of climate change into a decision to protect a species, as officials can now only look at impacts to species in the “foreseeable future”–a change that would have made it “nearly impossible” to protect the polar bear due to predicted impacts of climate change on Arctic sea ice as the administration did in 2010, the Washington Post reports.

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