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Popeyes rolls out its first chicken sandwich

Popeyes rolls out its first chicken sandwich

Screencapture: Love That Chicken From Popeyes Mukbang!/YouTube

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken has featured a lot of chicken menu items, but never a chicken sandwich until this week.

Now it’s going head to head with Chick-fil-A, the gold standard in fast-food chicken sandwiches.

Popeyes’ sandwich will consist of hand-breaded white chicken, a toasted brioche, pickles, and mayo or spicy Cajun spread. It’ll cost $3.99, compared to Chick-fil-A’s $3.

Popeyes’ Twitter following is now more than 100,000, and there are 3,100 Popeyes in 25 countries.

Increasingly, wherever you go, you can sing along with “Love that chicken from Popeyes” and have it in a sandwich, too.

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