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Dogs die from playing in infected ponds

08/13/2019 3:13 pm ET
dogs die playing in ponds

Photo: Matt Jones/Unsplash

Pet owners beware: your dogs can die from playing in ponds with toxic algae.

This weekend two pet owners in two different states sounded the alarm on the dangers of toxic algae after four dogs died from playing in ponds.

Three dogs in North Carolina died of liver failure Friday after their owner took them to a pond infested with blue-green algae, while another dog died in Georgia over the weekend after swimming in a lake thought to be contaminated with a similar algae.

While dogs may be more susceptible to the toxins in algae because of their smaller bodies, studies have linked algae to dozens of illnesses in both people and dogs in recent years.

Scientists have found that warming temperatures are linked to an increase in algal blooms, as algae feed off of conditions like warmer shallow waters, high levels of CO2, and increased extreme rainfall, which are supercharged by climate change.

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