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Climate change denial is a “dangerous delusion,” says former WB rep to the UN and WTO

08/13/2019 3:12 pm ET
dangerous delusion

Photo: LuisValiente/Pixabay

The purposeful self-delusion of political leaders who deny climate change borders on the criminal, says Joseph Ingram, a former World Bank special rep to the UN and the WTO. That’s because it risks the lives of tens of millions worldwide.

Trump’s Paris Agreement withdrawal, deregulation of US environmental safeguards, and denial of scientific facts of human responsibility for global warming “reflect a deeply distorted understanding of what is happening to our planet,” Ingram says.
Today “we face a crisis every bit as urgent as global war,” Ingram points out. Yet we don’t have enough of the right technology.

The single biggest action governments should take is to replace fossil fuels with clean energy.

But that pouring public money into clean-energy research, instead of the powerful, well-connected oil, gas, and coal industries.

If we don’t, “neither the free market nor liberal democracy will survive for much longer,” Ingram warns.

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