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After El Paso, Univision anchor says he will no longer go on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show

After El Paso, Univision anchor says he will no longer go on Tucker Carlson's Fox show

Twitter / Enrique Acevedo

To help expose the Tucker Carlson audience to “a different point of view,” Enrique Acevedo, a Univision anchor, has gone on the Fox News show in the past, but Acevedo says he is no longer willing to do so.

Carlson has been spouting racist rhetoric for years, but the final straw for Acevedo came last week when Tucker went on a rant calling white supremacy a “hoax” just days after the El Paso massacre.

Acevedo states that it is important to have a “clear morality” in these times because words like those uttered by Carlson and Trump have “transcended into violence,” he laid it all out with this statement:

“I’m not going back on Fox News. I’ve been on his show, on Laura Ingraham’s show. I don’t think it’s–not only as a journalist, but as a human being right now, I don’t think–I have the moral responsibility to make it clear that this rhetoric is now being replaced by, again, violence and bullets. And in that sense, Latinos coming under attack, it is not responsible for someone like me to go on and expose myself to what’s happening at Fox.”

For Acevedo, his efforts to offer the Fox News viewers a more logical, nonracist point of view is not worth giving legitimacy and importance to the conspiracy theories and racism.

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