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NJ man apologizes for ketchup theft after ‘bad karma’, gets rewarded by Heinz

NJ man apologizes for ketchup theft after 'bad karma', gets rewarded by Heinz

After heisting a bottle of Heinz from a Perkins Restaurant in New Jersey, the culprit felt so guilty that they returned two bottles, with a surprising apology note.

The thief claimed that a few hours later, karma had hit hard—including someone crashing into their car. They were returning the bottle, with a bonus bottle, hoping the gesture would bring “good karma” back into their life.

Heinz took the story to heart and tweeted to the person: “We get it, Heinz makes you do crazy things” and offered to help with the car damages plus “keep your identity top secret.”

Heinz found the thief and helped pay for the car damages. Per NJ.com, “what goes around actually came around this time.”

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