Nasty new malware takes “sextortion” trend to next level - Front Page Live


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Nasty new malware takes “sextortion” trend to next level

08/12/2019 8:49 am ET

Nasty new malware takes “sextortion” trend to next level

Varenyky—a nasty new malware—takes the trend of sextortion to a heightened level.

The malware monitors any activity on infected computers, waits for a porn site to be clicked on, and then records the screen. That record is then uploaded to a server and holds inherent risk for “advanced levels of sextortion or even blackmail,” per ESET research.

The operation takes captured user names and passwords and uses them in a campaign to trick people into thinking their privacy has been compromised so they’ll pay fees to get their records cleared.

For now, it’s only targeted users of French ISP Orange. But U.S. internet users would be wise to: think before clicking on attachments, not fall for scam promotions, refuse to share personal or financial information, and always keep virus protection software up to date.

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