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High-powered elites expand Summit Series to mountain utopia

High-powered elites expand Summit Series to mountain utopia

The “invite-only” Summit Series event—launched in 2008 and dubbed “Young TED meets Burning Man”—has now evolved into a posh mountain village in Powder Mountain, Utah.

The community, inspired by Saskatchewan, Canada fishing village design, features gatherings, wellness, and encourages entrepreneurial conversation among high-powered elites to change the world.

“I still believe that the greatest piece of technology ever created is the dinner table,” said Jeff Rosenthal, cofounder of Summit.

He added that his “tribe” is “energized by social interaction.”Rosenthal states that “billions of dollars of for-profit and nonprofit initiatives” came as a result of the Summit Series—connecting that may not otherwise have happened.

The new development, designed as a “feel-good wellness hub for burned-out entrepreneurs,” is meant to provide “an antidote to an overconnected life: nature.”

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