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FBI Facebook stalking pipeline protesters in Oregon

08/12/2019 3:40 pm ET

Photo: PhotoMIX-Company/Pixabay

Opponents of a proposed natural gas pipeline in Oregon are being monitored by a task force that is distributing information to a number of security and intelligence agencies including the FBI, The Guardian reports.

Emails obtained through a public records request by The Guardian show that activity opposing the $10 billion Jordan Cove natural gas pipeline project is being monitored by a group called the South Western Oregon Joint Task Force, whose email distribution list includes various departments of Oregon law enforcement, FBI agents, and addresses assigned to employees at the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Justice, and the National Forest Service.

“The fact that they feel it’s necessary to get on our Listservs and share our Facebook posts with each other, it’s really creepy and disturbing to us,” activist Josephine Warner told Oregon Public Broadcasting. “And we also think it’s a waste of their time.”

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