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These conservatives say it’s time for the right to call out White Nationalism

Oklahoma mayor says immigrants are welcome in his city after Trump's racist rant

While the vast majority of Republican party stayed uneasily silent this weekend, for some conservatives the shooting at El Paso was a watershed moment.

David French, a senior writer at the conservative publication National Review and a columnist at Time magazine, said: “Burn it down. This is a defining moment.”


“David is right,” wrote conservative writer and activist W Bradford Wilcox in response.

He added: “And that also means calling out the president when he engages in racist or xenophobic talk or tweets.”

Other conservatives also had a ‘light bulb moment’.

Clay Routledge is a columnist at Quilette, a contributor to the NY Times and a senior fellow at the Institute of Family Studies.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh, who has been a loud supporter of President Trump, also called him out over the weekend.


This morning the conservative-leaning Washington Examiner published an editorial titled: ‘Trump must name and condemn the evil of white nationalism‘.

It said:

Trump ought to use the bully pulpit to become a leading crusader against white nationalism and racism. These mindsets are immoral and they threaten everything that makes America great. Some conservatives and Republicans have hesitated to acknowledge that this a growing scourge, but after El Paso any such reluctance is unacceptable.


Whether this incident will finally get conservatives to take White Nationalism seriously remains to be seen.

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