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Climate-change-fueled heatwave bakes Europe

08/05/2019 4:03 pm ET
Climate-change-fueled heatwave bakes Europe

Image: Satellite-estimated surface temperatures for July 25, 2019/NASA/Earth Observatory

Without climate change, the heatwave that hit Europe last week would have been up to five degrees fahrenheit cooler, according to a new analysis by World Weather Attribution group.

Multiple countries, including the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, suffered through record high temperatures during what is likely to have been the hottest July ever recorded in human history.

And while climate change has been found to have made every European heat wave since 2003 worse, in this case it also made it ten to a hundred times more likely.

“This July 2019 heatwave was so extreme over continental Western Europe that the observed magnitudes would have been extremely unlikely without climate change,” said Dr Friederike Otto, one of the study’s authors.

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